FAQ ProfileCare

1) How can I order ProfileCare?

Go to our website and click on the tab "Order". You can also order ProfileCare on the ProfileCare Facebook page, again under the tab "Order".


2) How much does the ProfileCare service cost?

ProfileCare can be ordered at an initial price of € 19; a three-month subscription costs € 49 and 12 months’ subscription € 99.

3) How can I pay for ProfileCare?

To order ProfileCare, you will need a Paypal account. If you are already a Paypal customer, you can log onto your Paypal account and confirm the payment. If you are new to Paypal, you can also register as a guest, or open a Paypal account and then confirm the payment. If you register as a guest, and do not have a Paypal account then you have the option of paying via Paypal with your credit card.

As soon as your payment has cleared, you will receive a confirmation email from us with all further information.

4 What guidelines does ProfileCare adhere to?

As a company registered in Germany, we adhere to the strict German guidelines and laws on data protection and guideline 95/46/EC (data protection guideline) of the European Parliament and the European Council.

5) Does ProfileCare check international profiles?

ProfileCare checks profiles around the world. ProfileCare international is responsible for all profiles not originating in Germany


6) What is a "public profile"?

A public Facebook profile is a profile which is either completely or partially accessible to the public. This means that even Facebook users who are not your friends can see the information on your profile page. Which information is shared depends on the respective privacy settings.

7) What is a "private profile"?

A private Facebook profile is not accessible to the public. Information is, therefore, only shared with your  Facebook friends, or their Facebook friends. Which information is shared with which friends depends on the respective privacy settings.

8) Which kind of profiles do you check?

Both public and private profiles will be checked. If a private profile is to be checked, the permission of the profile owner is required.

9) Can I only ask to have my own profile checked?

You can commission ProfileCare to check your own profile as well as other Facebook users’ profiles. Should you commission us to check a private profile, we require the permission of the profile owner first. For this purpose, ProfileCare will send a friendship request to the profile owner containing any information about us.

10) Who checks the profiles?

Each Facebook profile is checked by ProfileCare team members; we do not carry out computerised checks.

11) How long does the check take?

You will receive the results of the analysis within 72 hours, either after receipt of payment, or in the case of a private profile, after the friendship request has been accepted.

12) How will I receive the feedback?

The feedback will be sent to the same email address you use for your Paypal account. Should a private profile owner not agree to your receiving a copy of feedback,  the feedback will only be sent via Facebook to the profile owner.

13) How frequently are profiles checked?

All profile checks are carried out once a month.

14) Will the profile owner be told that their profile is being checked?

If the profile is public, the profile owner will not be told about the analysis. If the profile is private, the profile owner will have to give permission first.

15) How do you check profiles which are not public?

In order to be able to analyse private profiles, the profile owner has to agree to the analysis. The permission is given by accepting the friendship request sent by our administrators. The friendship request containing further information will be sent to the profile owner after payment is received.

16) What exactly do you check?

All content shared by the profile owner will be analysed, for example information, photos, videos, wall entries etc.

17) What happens if a private profile owner does not agree to having their profile checked?

Should the profile owner not agree to the analysis, your order will not be forfeited. Instead you will receive a credit balance with us. This balance entitles you to commission us with the analysis of any other profile at any time.

18) How can I redeem my voucher?

In order to draw on your balance, please send an email to:


19) Who receives the feedback when the a private profile owner has to be asked for permission to check their profile?

The feedback will be sent to the profile owner and, assuming they permit this, also to the person who commissioned ProfileCare.