Profilecare über uns

Today our private and professional life is becoming more and more influenced by Facebook, Facebook profiles and the information we can receive from them, without the profile owner being aware of this. This brings considerable risks.

One should never forget that the profiles on Facebook are always connected to a certain picture of the profile owner. In a similar way to the classic website, a Facebook profile tells one, among other settings, information regarding lifestyle, interests and hobbies, or the profile owner's social environment. All one often needs are a few clicks to find out exactly with whom one is dealing.

Alongside that there is the fact that not many people can objectively see their appearance and often misjudge their effect on others. When chg to someone directly, one often receives feedback fairly quickly, however, on Facebook one does not always receive feedback from those who are looking at your profile. Erroneously, most people feel anonymous when they use the Internet, which their counterpart - apparently - does not.

It becomes critical when things done without thinking, risqué photos, hurtful comments or the like are completely, or even partially visible and accessible for everyone and can be taken in the wrong way. Many people often underestimate the consequences of their online behaviour and often burn bridges without unintentionally. The negative effects have already been shown on many levels. Whether it involves professional career, scholastic life or private relationships, every negative influence is unnecessary and should be avoided. However, keeping your Facebook profile "clean", or those of one’s children and family members is often not as easy as one might think. It takes up too much time, attention and a neutral eye to keep any possible risks at bay for longer period of time.

What does ProfileCare?

ProfileCare is the first service provider worldwide to deal with the worries of Facebook users and their relatives and friends. Our team consists of communication experts and personnel consultant who can cast a professionally trained eye over the "online persona" of our users.

ProfileCare's job is to help users create a profile that is positive and does not contain any information which can be seen as unprofessional, questionable or insulting. ProfileCare offers a check on Facebook profiles, making the maintenance of your profile much easier. During the objective inspection, pictures, comments and information will be found which could create the wrong impression for people looking at your profile. Our trained employees have an objective and goal oriented eye and can use this to give you an individual consultation after analysing the perception your profile creates.